Encouraging Solo Moms since 2006!

I’m a recently divorced former Fundamentalist Christian living in the SF Bay Area.  I have a penchant for travel, photography, and baring all over a glass of wine.

Although my divorce is recent, I have been traveling as a “single” mom since my daughters were in diapers.  I was married for 17 years, but for one reason or another, my husband was usually too busy or not interested in traveling with us.  I decided years ago that if the choice was waiting around for my husband to travel with us (to often cancel at the last minute because of work), or go out and tackle the world on my own, I would venture out alone.  Actually, it wasn’t much of a struggle.  I’ve always been very independent and have traveled a lot, so I feel confident taking my kids around the world, solo.

My husband and I separated in December 2015, and I am sharing my journey through the pain, joy, transformation, and restoration.  I believe in the possibility of a Good Divorce and am working towards a collaborative, supportive, and yes, loving separation.